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Shauna Keogh, Empire Elite. TV Producer and Director

EMPIRE ELITE is an independent production company founded and driven by Emmy nominated Shauna Keogh. Empire Elite has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry producing television in Europe and the US for over fourteen years, with the production of hours of primetime television on both sides of the Atlantic.

Empire Elite is an industry leader in finding new talent, developing concepts and producing factual programmes, documentaries and reality entertainment formats. With offices in Dublin and New York, they have been trusted in creating high-quality, innovative programmes across all genres for major global television broadcasters.

The Empire team are a passionate group who offer a full package of skills and services. Empire Elite’s most recent programming includes the concept creation and production of I Am Innocent,The Gardaí: Policing Paddy’s, Ireland’s Fittest Mum, The Town The Got Away With Murder as well as co-directing the RTE documentary The Only Gay In The Village.

  • Observational Documentary Series, Police, Emergency Services, C4
    999 - Whats Your Emergency - Observational Documentary Series

Shauna Keogh

TV Producer & Director

Irl: + 353 86 8801 563
US: + 1 971 678 0779
Skype: shaunatv

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